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The choice for carpet shearing and backcoating
machinery and general engineering


Sellers Textiles Engineers are world leaders in the design and manufacture of finishing machinery for the carpet industry and have hundreds of leading references around the world.  Virtually every major carpet manufacturer throughout the globe utilizes a Sellers’ machine in one form or another.  This has been achieved through the dedication of their loyal, hardworking employees and a desire to achieve the highest standards laid down through the 100 years of trading.

Sellers operate from their UK headquarters where all the equipment is manufactured.  A sister Company in the USA provides service and support for the U.S., Canadian and South American market.

Their aim is to maintain and strengthen their reputation for manufacturing excellence within their established carpet finishing marketplace and develop the business utilizing core skills with particular reference to their unique design and building facility.

Latest from Sellers

Growing Carpet Tile Sector brings more orders.

Sellers have always been strong in the carpet tile market but further orders for machinery in this sector have strengthened their position as one of the leading suppliers for Carpet Tile Coating, Beveling and Shearing equipment

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