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Artificial Grass Coating

Complete coating and drying lines for artificial grass tufted products up to 5 metre wide. With alternate
application systems to suit either latex or PU compounds.

  • Tracked unrolling units.
  • Entry ‘J’ scrays, either tracked or with overhead pivoting guiders.
  • Entry Accumulators.
  • Single and dual-path lick roller applicators.
  • Overhead direct spread units with either manual or automated control.
  • Application systems to suit either latex or PU compounds.
  • Stenter mechanisms with unique Sellers design allowing full width adjustment, external lubrication and cleaning assemblies.
  • True-zonal drying chambers allowing significant temperature differential between the top and bottom zones.
  • Chambers can be oil, gas or steam heated.
  • Pinning Units, with adjustable contact roller, electrically heated pins, temperature controlled.
  • Exit equipment including edge trimming and removal, accumulators, inspection, slitting and cross-cut and re-roll units.