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Automotive Carpet Coating

Sellers produce specially designed Finishing Lines to produce carpets for the automotive industry. The lines can coat both needlepunch or tufted products with latex or other extruded materials.  Sellers has the design flexibility to build these lines to meet customer requirements.  The equipment includes:-

  • Tracked Unroll Units and/or Tracked J-Scrays with Centre Roll Unwind.
  • Full or Partial Impregnation Application Units.
  • Direct Spread Application Units for foam and crumb rubber products.
  • Heavy Duty Squeeze Mangles.
  • Lines available with Heavy Duty Stenters or Conveyor Systems.
  • Single and True-Zonal Drying Chambers with accurate temperature and air flow control.
  • Drying Chambers can be oil, gas or steam heated.
  • Powder Coating or Scatter Coating Units.
  • Incorporation of Film Extruder & Cast Stand Units.
  • Infra Red Conveyor Ovens.
  • Cooling systems & Rollers
  • Exit equipment including Edge Trimming and Removal, Accumulators, Inspection, Slitting and Cross-Cut and Re-Roll Units.
  • Cutting & Stacking Systems.
Sheet Die Extrusion and Cooling Roller Cast Stand