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Carpet Tile Coating

Sellers offer Precision Coating Lines for both Bitumen and PVC backed carpet tiles.  These lines have been developed in cooperation with major manufacturers and offer the facility to produce tiles in line with the cutting equipment.  Included in the lines are the following facilities:-

  • Controlled tension unroll stations for reinforcing scrim and backing products
  • Carpet feed unrolls, storage accumulators and accurate guidance systems
  • PVC and Bitumen twin applicators with accurate flow control.
  • Temperature controlled cooling or heating platens, depending on whether Bitumen or PVC is being processed.
  • Forced Air Cooling Systems.
  • 1 metre and 2 metre wide Lines are available.
  • Complete Mixing and Storage Systems for either Bitumen or PVC.
  • Process know-how available for both Bitumen and PVC products.
  • Complete turnkey projects can be provided.