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Carpet Waste Recycling – Fibrebak

Sellers have used their expertise as leading carpet finishing machinery manufacturers to develop the Fibrebak pile removal process for the recycling industry.

The process delivers the reclaimed fibre and backing separately, this separation widens the scope for the recycling of the waste materials.

The system is ideal for both carpet manufacturers and waste recycling companies and allows them to reduce both landfill and the impact of waste on the environment.

  • Conveyor to suit manual feed
  • Adjustable head for maximum fibre removal.
  • Reclaimed fibre delivered on elevated side conveyor.
  • Operator panel houses all machine controls
  • Separate fibre and backing collection for recycling.
  • In-line baling and shredding can be added.

Fibrebak Separation Process – Video

Please click the video below to view the Fibrebak Separation Process in action: