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History and Background

The Sellers Company was established in 1912 (over one hundred years ago) to serve the local cloth industry in Huddersfield, but now nearly all of production is for the carpet industry.

In the early days the Company specialised in the design and manufacture of textile machinery for the local cloth producers and by the 1930’s the Sellers name was known nationally, producing a wide range of equipment.

In the 1950’s and 60’s with the rapid growth of machine-made woven and tufted carpets, Sellers concentrated their developments on bespoke carpet finishing, generating an excellent reputation around the home market.

During the 70’s and 80’s market development continued and Sellers machinery was supplied to some sixty countries around the world, including the important markets of the USA, Australia and South Africa.

One of the great success stories of the 80s was the design of the ‘Horizon’ carpet shearing machine (above), which became a household name in the industry and accepted leader, with over two hundred installations worldwide.  Recent years have seen the development and introduction of the latest carpet shear,  integrated bitumen tile and pvc lines and new Carpet Coating technology for tufted and woven carpets.  While the Company may look with pride at its past achievements, there is no time for complacency and continues to have a proactive development statergy to enhance its future worldwide reputation, whilst maintaining its position as a major supplier of textile finishing machinery.