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Sellers Carpet Shear for Woven and Tufted Carpet

The new SELLERS Shear has been designed and developed using the proven features of previous successful models and combines these with innovative design to give improved quality of finish, economically and efficiently.

The shear is offered in a basic format with a range of options to suit particular customer products and requirements.  The machine is suitable for shearing both backed and unbacked carpet and for operation either in-line or off-line with a Backing Plant.


  • Machine available in single or multi headstock format and to suit carpet widths up to 5 metres.
  • Low profile, for good operator visibility and machine stability.
  • Choice of shearing cylinders available to suit all carpet products, including lightweight automotive carpet.
  • New heavy-duty bladestock with increased stability prolongs blade life.
  • Modular construction for easy machine installation and future extensions.
  • New drive system enabling precise carpet tensions to be set and maintained.
  • New cylinder seperation system.
  • Full extraction system for brushes and cylinders, for optimum cleaning.
  • Range of options includes multi zone metal detectors, thickness monitor, seam detection, steaming, pile lifter, others available on request.
  • Entry and exit equipment can be customized to suit either in-line or off-line operation.