Tile coating lines
Tile coating lines

Sellers has a depth of experience in the carpet tile coating sector and has provided the latest and most sophisticated lines for both bitumen and polymer-based backings. We can provide small production lines for start-up customers or higher capacity production facilities for more established manufacturers. We can offer dual processing lines that can include alternative backing types, or for adding at a later stage. The lines include the following equipment:

  • Carpet and scrim feed with tension control and pivoting guiders for accurate presentation
  • De-stressing chambers, with transport conveyors, can be incorporated with minimum additional space
  • Twin applicators with precision, manual or automated gap and deckle control
  • Alternative applicators available for bitumen, PVC and PU
  • PTFE transport conveyor over platens, heated or cooled, depending on the product
  • Accurate conveyor tension and guiding system to maximise belt life
  • Cooling or heated chambers, with automated temperature control, in combination with the platens, ensuring product is cured and cooled under controlled conditions
  • Exit accumulators with driven carriage for tension control, plus pivoting guiders for product presentation to in-line cutting systems

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